The Mummy’s Curse

This weekend I worked with Dreamstone Productions for the first time on a murder mystery entitled “The Mummy’s Curse”.

It’s always a pleasure to work with a new group. And a fine group of actors they are too. Despite the rain, we had a good turnout and even managed to avoid drowning the cast, although a couple of our number didn’t make it through the whole journey alive. 

There’s a joyful freshness to the Dreamstone Productions that can be felt in the way the actors throw themselves into role in a way that leads to beautiful scenes of jealousy, scandal and mutual dislike. I believe the audience quite enjoyed it as well, which, I suppose, is the point of it all. 

The accusations came at the end, and some of the audience had the damn cheek to accuse me! Honestly! I was quite offended. Poor Sir Robert had a terrible evening and quite hit the drink before the end. 

All photographs (C) Leigh Caudwell


Dreamstone Productions

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