Rehearsals for The Ellis Projectm

Rehearsals are well under way for SDL Theatre’s Ellis Project. It’s a honour to be working alongside Deborah and some really talented actors. Rehearsals have mainly been about working through the basics of blocking and discovering our characters. There is a real flexibility to Deborah’s direction style which means that, as an actor, I am really getting a chance to feel what works. 

My part in the play is quite sad. I’ve rushed into something, heedless of the consequences, and think I can keep it under control, regardless of how others feel. The irony is, I’m just as messed up by my mishap as those around me. I don’t know if I like my Edward, my character, much. He may even redeem himself, and there all sorts of reasons why he makes the mistakes he does, but I think he learns too late.

We shall see.


SDL Theatre