Loco Horror Train

As the nights grow longer and darkness takes its rightful place as ruler over our hearts, it’s time for the horrors and spectres to take the stage. At least, that’s what we all did in Dereham this October. 

The Loco Horror Train was a brand new scare attraction running on the Mid-Norfolk railway. About 70 of us formed the cast of this attraction, which promised to be an alternative to everything else currently on offer. 

We had plenty of ups and downs, and it was a steep learning curve to trying out what worked on this new show. Ultimately, I think we did an amazing job thanks to a cast of incredibly talented and diverse cast. We all brought our own ideas and strengths to the roles and as a result created a horribly gruesome section of characters with which to entertain, frighten and disgust the general public. 

Naturally, there were still some things to improve on, but that makes it all the more interesting to have been involved in. Whether or not I’m involved next year, I can see that the show should have every reason to be even better. 

It’s been an absolute joy to work on and a pleasure to meet so many talented actors.