The Jack of Crows returns

This year has been such a difficult one for performers. The Ghost Walks, which had been due its return at Easter was cancelled for the year. The new walk, all the new stories I had so been looking forward to telling, cancelled for the year.

And, of course, with so much chaos going on the world, it feels selfish to complain. But the arts have been so horribly sidelined. Of course, they’re not a matter of life and death, they are not in absolutist terms “essential”. But they are a necessary part of life. Whether it’s just a distraction, something to relax and entertain, something to thrill or inform, something to bring comfort, the arts provide a vital part of pit lives, and we are all a little reduced without them. I know that not being allowed to perform, my life has been depleted.

So it was so much a delight to be given this one off chance to revive the Jack for a special Zoom Halloween Walk today. I told a mixture of my old favourites and a few I’d never performed before. And it was such a delight. I had so much fun, and I hope the audience did also.